LunaTLV is a clothing brand born spontaneously in the space between a life dedicated to environmental research and the passion of handmade beautiful quality clothing. The year of birth coincides with the year of my birth as a parent. Our ecological footprint as a growing family grew tangibly and the concern for safety of ever faster produced products too. It was the right time for fusing these two passions into one forward road.
LunaTLV is a line of slow handcrafted textile products with many one-off productions. It uses exclusively natural products selected with sustainability criteria. Most fabrics are certified to reduce the impact during cultivation and processing. LunaTLV is a work in progress brand where the search for prime- material is ongoing and a fundamental part of the process . The aim of our brand is to produce garments and accessories for the daily use because you may not be interested in fashion but you still need to wear clothes, but not less important to raise awareness about the importance of our choices as consumers.
As know-how and technologies offer new textile products and as science continues to teach us about their impacts I make shifts and introduce new prime materials into the line.

LunaTLV is an organically growing small business, growing from bottom up with our clients.